Luzhou, Sichuan - Office Building design complete

We have just completed a design competition and won with the design below.  Our concept was to utilize the location and neighbors to dissect the building functions and to make with office function more pure.  The 2 wings of the building pull out the primarily public functions from the more private office function.  We are now moving into Schematic Design and hope to finish this summer. 

Nantong Residential finishing envelope

Phase 1 is finishing up the exterior building envelopes just in time for the winter and Chinese New Year holiday.  This phase includes 3 residential buildings, 2 of which are dormitories and 1 market rate apartment building.  It also includes a small commercial building 1,400 M2 (15,000 SF) in the North plaza.  A defining element of the design is a negative hole in each building spanning from floors 6 to 7, this is a place for residents to relax, play and socialize in a protected sky garden.  

E-Commerce Campus

Studio San was commissioned to do a feasibility study for an E-Commerce start up that is under the Alibaba parent company.  The project is a campus to support young graduate entrepreneurs  in their innovative business ideas.  The site location surrounds a quiet lake was selected due to its proximity to several large Chinese Universities in Wuhan.  It includes 6 primary function zones: Academy, Fad Center, Financial Center,  Residence, Sport Park, and E-Commerce Office.

Agragian Lifestyle 农庄的生活方式

This project brings us back to our roots, and focuses on a community of Baby Boomers that have made it, and now want their life to return to the basics.  Each plot of land includes enough area for a farm but only zoned for 1 living unit.  In the center  is a Community Center that serves as a Farmer's Market on the weekends.  The site is deep in the Sichuan Province a beautiful existing landscape of rolling hills and a reservoir. 

Milan Expo Kickstarter Project


Studio San has been working with a team including UC Davis (website), Sustainable Food Project (website) and Bureau of International Expositions (website) to tell an important message at the 2015 Milan Expo.  The World's Expo spans from May to October and is expecting a world audience of 22 million.  The message we are telling is about sustainable food abundance; with the worlds' population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, we have a serious problem on our hands.  We have opened the doors of this discussion with a symposium series (website) and began the world conversation about this issue.  We felt our passion and message are in perfect alignment with the 2015 Expo's theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life."

With time running tight on funding for this effort we have opened up kickstarter project. Sustainable Food Pavilion, Inc. (SFP), is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, all contributions are tax deductible.  We really want the world to hear our story and what better platform than the 2015 Expo. We need your help.

Kickstarter link:

Kickstart This !

"Given the dour economic climate in recent years, work in the already precarious field of architecture has dropped precipitously, as clients grow more conservative and project budgets shrink. Architects have had to adapt to the situation, assuming the driver's seat typically filled by clients to advance innovative and self-initiated projects. To get the word out, these designers have integrated crowdsourcing and crowdfunding strategies into their work processes...."


Nantong Residential "topping out"

Studio San won this master plan competition in November, 2011 and has since been working on Phase 1.  The master plan consists of 152,000 M2  (1.6 Million SF), phase 1 is a about 30,000 M2 (323,000 SF) mixed-use about 77% residential condos, 18% dormitory and 5% commercial.   The concept is a folding plane moving through the site, a play of positive and negative volumes, providing each building with roof gardens and a negative garden in the middle of the building that is a shared social environment, to encourage interaction and a sense of community.  This project was also our first project  fully executed using 3D BIM software.

VPark finishing construction | VPARK 竣工

Studio San has been working on this project since 2009, it is finally wrapping up.
自2009年以来, 麦天渝建筑设计一直在这个项目上工作,2012年竣工。

Project Stats:
GFA 1,0750,000 SF   (100,000 M2)
24 Floors - Office Building  办公楼
23 Floors - Extended Stay Hotel 酒店式公寓和酒店
481 Car Parking in 2 level basement  二层地下停⻋车,481个⻋车位

Wuxi Hospital & Retirement Center Breaking Ground 新安街道社区卫生服务中心及敬老院新址今天举行奠基仪式

Studio San began this project with program development and has gone through every step with the local government and community.  We were the architecture designers as well as interior designers for this project over the past 2 years.  We are finally announcing ground breaking in December of 2012!  It has been a long arduous process but we are happy with the result and are excited to see our vision become reality.